Ideas for Making Treasure From Trash

Purchasing recycled and sustainable items is a good way to give back to the earth and to cut down on waste, but one even better way to do so is to create your own treasures from trash. Not only is this a great thing to do if you are interested in living an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, but it can also be a lot of fun if you enjoy arts and crafts.

In order to make treasure from trash, however, you have to use a bit of creativity and imagination. Simply take a look at Read more

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Go Green for a Healthier, Happier Life

If you want to live healthier, going green is the way to do it. Green living saves the environment as well as money. To save our earth from global warming, we should all live green.

One way to go green is by getting the best price possible for our electricity. Always compare the green electricity plans in Texas by visiting

Below are some of the other ways we can live green at home.

Loving our planet is the best way to live green. By using organic products and cosmetics, it will help lead to a greener life. Using dairy products that are hormone free and buying these products in glass containers will help us go green because glass is a reusable product.

Try using your green thumb to grow some plants or trees that give us more oxygen. Avoid using plastic covers because they can take over 1000 years to actually dissolve in the ground, and they are not reusable.

Another way to go green is by conserving water. Water is an important resource, and one that humans cannot live without. Water conservation saves a lot of money, but we normally waste water in too many ways. Try reducing the amount of water you use in your daily life. The easiest ways to conserve water is by utilizing low flow shower heads, making sure there are no leaks in your home, using less water for washing dishes and taking baths and showers and using less water when we wash our clothes.

Another way we can help go green is by eating locally grown foods. The farmer’s market is a great way to get locally grown foods. Not only does it give you more energy, but it saves you money as well. When you buy foods from the farmers market, you are buying foods that are cultivated by hand and not foods that cultivate by using fuel. Think about growing a garden at home with your own fruits and vegetables. Use water to cultivate your own plants which is a great way to go green.

Going green and saving the environment is up to us. We should all do our part by maintaining a green type of living.

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Ways to Save Money with Renewable Energy

Are you sick and tired of dealing with the high cost of energy? If so, then you probably receive outrageous monthly heating bills and are looking for ways to cut those down so that they are more financially manageable for you. If this is the case, then you may very well want to consider renewable energy as a viable option for your home. You might be surprised at just how much money you can save this way.

Renewable energy is any form of energy that does not have a finite supply. Perhaps Read more

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Five Convenient Types of Sustainable Transportation

In this day of environmental awareness, it is more important than ever to use sustainable methods of transportation. Many people would use sustainable transportation methods if these types of transportation were more convenient. There are several convenient means of transportation that are available to most.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering convenient sustainable transportation, but a car can be sustainable. There are currently several car companies that are manufacturing electric and electric hybrid vehicles that are quite fuel efficient.

Taking the public bus or light rail Read more

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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

To calculate the size of your carbon footprint, you will need to take into account all your actions that cause the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

First, calculate your car’s average gas mileage, and divide it by the number of miles you drive annually. The product is the number of gallons of fuel you use each year. Multiply this figure by nine. The product represents the number of kilograms of CO2 your car produces annually.

Next, calculate your annual air travel miles. Multiply this figure by 0.23. Read more

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Impact of Sustainability on Climate Change

The impact and severity of the current environmental crisis should not be underestimated by those who wish to secure a more sustainable future. Efforts to develop more sustainable consumer habits, lifestyles and industrial practices may play a key role in combating the effects that climate change is beginning to have on the world around us. Learning all that you can about this issue and the ways that you may be able to play a more effective role in addressing it can Read more

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Teach Children About Sustainability

Our children are our future. It’s our job to ensure that they are well equipped to handle our mistakes and further advance the world thanks to our successes. There are plenty of both. One of the biggest mistakes of ours and previous generations is that we didn’t put as high of an importance on the environment until we absolutely had to. Conservatism and green thinking wasn’t part of the social norm. As such, our world had to suffer slightly before we Read more

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